celebrate mom with minio

show mom just how much she means to you with our mini customizable box and card sets.

minio boxes are perfect for remembering and recording all the special moments and little memories you've shared together. this mother's day, give a truly personal gift straight from the heart.

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what is minio?

we are thrilled to introduce our customizable mini box and card sets designed for collecting, sharing and preserving life’s meaningful little moments

We’ve all heard that it’s the little things in life that mean the most.
At minio, we believe that not only are those mini moments the ones that shape our lives, but they are the ones worth celebrating and sharing. With our high-quality, beautifully-crafted, completely-customizable mini 3” card and box set, we’ve created the perfect way for you to collect and preserve those special little moments. Our unique format allows you to create a meaningful gift or personal keepsake that is as one-of-a-kind as the experiences it holds.

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why minio?

With customizable components, minio was designed to provide everyone the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind box to share memories, give advice or send well wishes in a personal and meaningful way

every story is personal

show your loved ones how much your moments together truly mean


what makes a minio?

make it your own

see how our custom features allow you to make your set truly personal


think minio

minio was conceived as a way to bring people together and celebrate the little moments that connect us. This can be through shared memories from the past, new experiences as they happen or adventures that are just beginning.

moments can be written out and collected on minio cards and assembled as a gift before an event or occasion

created as a group – at events, parties and family gatherings – so you end up with a special box of personalized cards to keep as a memento

or, they can be gathered over time as a collection of ongoing moments
(such as recording key events and funny anecdotes as a child grows up)

here are some ideas


holiday gifts
family reunions
teacher gifts
baby book alternative
celebrations of life


milestone birthdays
new baby
retirement parties


advice to a child
patient support
yoga retreats

help us make minio a reality

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