our story

As three sisters growing up in rural Wisconsin, we were fortunate to have what many would describe as an idyllic childhood in the country. As we got older and moved away, one of us began writing down little things she remembered from growing up and asked the others about similar memories. Small things that would likely only be meaningful to us – the taste of the cold water from the rusty cup that hung on the outdoor water pump, hearing mom’s “hoot” from the house when it was time to come in, the sound of dad starting a fire in the wood-burning furnace early on a winter morning – little moments that made that time in our lives so special. There wasn’t really a plan for this collection but when our mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, we wanted to give her a truly personal expression of our love and appreciation and the idea of a keepsake box of mini moment cards was formed. Not only was the process of collecting our thoughts an amazing shared experience between the three of us, but the true beauty of the gift was in our mom’s (and dad’s) reaction. They were not just surprised and touched, but overjoyed at the opportunity to continue to relive those special years through our many “mini moments”.

We wanted others to be able to share a similar meaningful experience, so after many iterations and countless redesigns, we are proud to be able to launch our minio box and card collection. We hope this provides you with a special way of sharing your little moments with the loved ones in your life.




about minio

The name "minio" fits perfectly with who we are and how we would like people to think about and enjoy our products. We created a name that sounded positive and approachable and captured the idea that it is the “mini" moments in life that mean the most. The little minnow that represents minio is a friendly symbol for journeying through life and capturing memories as you go. He is simple, quick, eager and little. He navigates through unknown waters in the company of others, sharing experiences along the way. He represents freedom, creativity, happiness, luck, knowledge and transformation. The bubbles coming from our minnow are not only a sign of breath and life, but the formation of those ideas and thoughts that are captured on our cards, so they can always be remembered and shared.


The theme of the circle becomes an essential element of the minnow logo - and design elements throughout our minio products. Represented as a water bubble, it is something transient - there one moment and gone the next - important to capture before it is forgotten.The circle as an idea or thought bubble, is the essence of who we are - how we think, how we share, how we navigate through life. The minnow is intrinsically linked to the bubbles – as we are all an essential part of our memories and experiences. Finally the circle represents the connection of all things - family, friends, community - and the importance of collecting and remembering those little moments in life that bring us together.

You will also notice the theme of 3 repeated throughout our products - the 3” box, themes enhanced with 3 divider cards, patterns created with 3 circles which are based on the 3 bubbles in the logo. This was conceived as a collaboration between three sisters and that connection is an important part of how we got here, and why we are able to share this product with you today.