celebration collection

celebration collection

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Time to celebrate! This collection is perfect gift for those special occasions - weddings, anniversaries, retirement parties - any gathering of friends and family where memories are being made and moments are being shared. Collect advice, well wishes, memories and more in a special, keepsake minio box - and relive those moments for years to come. 


Make it your own with 3 custom choices:

1. Choose your box - black or white

2. Customize color - choose between five different color schemes for your divider cards. You can select just the right fit for the look of an event, the type of special occasion or just the colors that best fit the person receiving it. Each theme has a different colors on the front and back to give you even more options. 

3. Select your theme - the "celebration" collection comes with 5 divider cards: 

  • One with the word "journey" that will show through the cutout on the front of the box
  • One blank card for you to customize to say whatever you want - a name, a date, a message
  • Three divider cards with the words "wishes", "advice" and "moments" to help organize your collection. These cards can be rotated to write your own custom headers at the top of each.